highlighting one great candidate out of many

Contract Staffing

Coppertree provides contract staffing services for companies to engage technology professionals including short-term temp staffing on up to multi-year contracts.  As a staffing agency with a focus on the IT infrastructure and security market, we maintain a high-quality database of local consultants who can get the job done.  We payroll all of our consultants and provide access to healthcare insurance.  Our staffing services are easy for employers to use with electronic timesheets and approvals.


Contract-to-Hire Staffing

Also called “try to buy”, Contract-to-Hire Staffing Services allows companies to quickly fill positions and evaluate the employee’s performance and fit before deciding to extend a full-time employment offer.  With a conversion fee that declines over time and the ability to change contractors when needed, Contract-to-Hire provides companies with a low-risk option for filling tough positions.


Contingency Recruiting

When you need to hire a full-time employee, Coppertree Staffing acts as a part of your organization to find and attract the best talent.  Our 12 Step Recruiting Process ensures consistent and reliable results to ensure that we uncover and present the best candidates.   We are deeply involved in all stages of the process, through interviewing, testing, negotiation and onboarding.  And we provide a 60-day replacement guarantee so that you make sure you have found the right person for the job while reducing your risk.


Retained Search

For difficult or upper management searches, Coppertree Staffing provides Retained Search services using our 360 Degree Hiring Plan which includes job description creation, skill profile scorecards, hiring manager coaching, and weekly reporting.  We work until the position has been filled and provide a 1 year replacement guarantee to back up our work.