Coppertree Staffing is an experienced firm offering permanent placement recruiting services and temporary IT staffing in the networking and IT consulting sectors.  Founded in 2009, we provide a high quality talent acquisition service centered on honest and quality.

There are a lot of recruiting companies out there these days.  What makes Coppertree Staffing different is out deep field experience in IT – networking, software, telecommunications.  We have worked as engineers or managers for years before recruiting for our clients.  While some recruiters know the buzzwords, or try to match terms on a resume, we speak the language of IT professionals.  This results in less time that hiring managers need to spend reviewing and interviewing poorly matched candidates.  Because we understand the intangibles that make employees great, it also results in better long term success with hires, saving time and money.

For our clients, we provide a thorough screening process that weeds out the high volume of unqualified candidates.  Our interviewing, testing and screening processes have been proven to eliminate most false positives before they get to the HR department or hiring manager.  Our detailed order process uncovers many of the non-technical factors that lead to long term success.  We evaluate corporate culture, manager personality, non-technical skills and other factors before we ever make a call on your behalf.  We will also never “throw paper” at a client hoping that something will stick.  You deserve better than that, and you get it with Coppertree Staffing.