Always Be Ready (for New Opportunities)

Are you ready for the next awesome job in your career playbook? Or are you indefinitely committed to your current position for better or worse? What if you could land happily somewhere in the middle – not actively searching but also not closed-off to amazing opportunities either? You’d always be ready for good fortune when it comes knocking. What a beautiful compromise.

Always have your mind (and your resume) ready for opportunities
Always have your mind (and your resume) ready for opportunities

Ditching the Old Paradigm  

Some employees hold an antiquated belief that if you remain open to new opportunities, you’re either disloyal, ungrateful, or ambivalent about your current success. Meanwhile, opportunities for growth; advancement; and yes, sometimes a career change, are passing you by. What many employees don’t think about is the internal opportunities that can also slide right past when you aren’t ready to grow. Being stagnant isn’t doing you any favors, even when the tentative plan is to stay in your current position.

Keep a Growth Mindset and Always Be Ready

Networking is Good for Internal and External Mobility

Staying on-top of training opportunities and news only gets you so far. It’s also important to keep a finger on the pulse of the job market and know how your skills translate to other positions by building and maintaining social connections.

Networking with leaders, influencers, and peers inside and outside your organization can help put your background and experience in perspective and help you understand where your company fits in relation to its competitors and customers. That’s both practical and valuable information for employers who count on employees for insightful input and ideas.

Keeping a Polished Resume Helps You Notice and Fill Gaps

Say what you will about list making, but few things help us uncover our strengths and weaknesses like a comprehensive list. Keeping an updated resume that includes your current position is like keeping a master list of your skills. It can help you think critically about your position and responsibilities and discover areas for growth and development.

Read your resume as if you were actively searching for a new job, what’s impressive about your background? What could you do now, in your current position, to make yourself more attractive to future employers? Start filling in those gaps while you have the chance. It will only make you more impressive, regardless of where you work.

Even if You Aren’t Looking Now, You May Be in The Future

Few things contribute as much to future success as preparation. After all, very few big wins in life (both personal or professional) come without first laying the groundwork. You may not be searching for a new position right now. However, if the perfect job came along or your plans with this current company change, it’s better to be prepared.

Yes, the market is tight and employers are competing fiercely for candidates, but keep in mind, the best jobs with truly competitive offers do still elicit a strong and immediate response. You’ll need to be more than a stand out candidate – you’ll also have to act fast.

Don’t miss out on worthwhile opportunities. Connect and network with our team at Coppertree Staffing to stay on top of employment trends, learn what employers are looking for, and stay competitive in a candidate-driven job market.