How would it feel to have candidates that deliver an exceptional return on investment after onboarding? Candidates that more than pay for themselves – they make and save your company more money than you ever thought possible?


Too good to be true?


Then you’re working with the wrong recruiter. All apologies if that’s your internal HR division. We mean no offense. We just want to see you win, and the right candidates will help you win. Fast.


Hiring smart people isn’t enough. Hiring people with a track record of success isn’t enough. Hiring people who interview well isn’t enough.


You have to hire an intelligent person with the right combination of technical skills, drive, and foresight to excel in the position you are filling and accelerate your company’s ability to win. If they aren’t bringing enough momentum to help propel your business forward, they weigh you down. It’s as simple as that.


So how do you know when a candidate is genuinely an excellent fit and possesses the right mix of skill and attitude that they’ll thrive in the position and on your team?


Ready for this?


You work with a recruiter who cares as much as you do about the success of each new hire and who has advantages you don’t.


At Coppertree, we’ve been revolutionizing the IT staffing industry since 2009. We’ve created enduring professional relationships and employer/candidate connections that stand the test of time. We have a diverse and fruitful network of passive candidates comprised of some of the most driven, credential-laden talent in the New York Metro market.


When you work with us, rather than shouting into a crowded room and hoping you get the response you’re looking for – which is how traditional, in-house recruiting can feel – you get to interview candidates hand-selected for your company and position because of their expertise, experience, personality, and passion.


How different would your onboarding process feel if every newcomer was a perfect fit for your company and culture? Wouldn’t you like to find out?


Contact us today.


Since 2009, Coppertree Staffing has been making hiring easier for technology companies.  Based in the New York City metropolitan area, we can provide contract staffing and direct hire recruiting services throughout the United States.

We have deep experience in hiring for several industry groups:

  • IT Managed Services Providers (MSP’s)
  • Cybersecurity Software and Hardware Companies
  • Software Development and ISVs

Our goal is to make hiring easier, faster and with better long-term results for all of our clients.