Always Be Ready (for New Opportunities)

Are you ready for the next awesome job in your career playbook? Or are you indefinitely committed to your current position for better or worse? What if you could land happily somewhere in the middle – not actively searching but also not closed-off to amazing opportunities either? You’d always be ready for good fortune when it comes knocking. What a beautiful compromise.

Always have your mind (and your resume) ready for opportunities
Always have your mind (and your resume) ready for opportunities

Ditching the Old Paradigm  

Some employees hold an antiquated belief that if you remain open to new opportunities, you’re either disloyal, ungrateful, or ambivalent about your current success. Meanwhile, opportunities for growth; advancement; and yes, sometimes a career change, are passing you by. What many employees don’t think about is the internal opportunities that can also slide right past when you aren’t ready to grow. Being stagnant isn’t doing you any favors, even when the tentative plan is to stay in your current position.

Keep a Growth Mindset and Always Be Ready

Networking is Good for Internal and External Mobility

Staying on-top of training opportunities and news only gets you so far. It’s also important to keep a finger on the pulse of the job market and know how your skills translate to other positions by building and maintaining social connections.

Networking with leaders, influencers, and peers inside and outside your organization can help put your background and experience in perspective and help you understand where your company fits in relation to its competitors and customers. That’s both practical and valuable information for employers who count on employees for insightful input and ideas.

Keeping a Polished Resume Helps You Notice and Fill Gaps

Say what you will about list making, but few things help us uncover our strengths and weaknesses like a comprehensive list. Keeping an updated resume that includes your current position is like keeping a master list of your skills. It can help you think critically about your position and responsibilities and discover areas for growth and development.

Read your resume as if you were actively searching for a new job, what’s impressive about your background? What could you do now, in your current position, to make yourself more attractive to future employers? Start filling in those gaps while you have the chance. It will only make you more impressive, regardless of where you work.

Even if You Aren’t Looking Now, You May Be in The Future

Few things contribute as much to future success as preparation. After all, very few big wins in life (both personal or professional) come without first laying the groundwork. You may not be searching for a new position right now. However, if the perfect job came along or your plans with this current company change, it’s better to be prepared.

Yes, the market is tight and employers are competing fiercely for candidates, but keep in mind, the best jobs with truly competitive offers do still elicit a strong and immediate response. You’ll need to be more than a stand out candidate – you’ll also have to act fast.

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6 Rules for Hiring in a Candidate-Driven Market

Welcome to the employment market of 2019; it’s time to buckle up. With unemployment rates pushing lower than they’ve been in almost 50 years and job listings outpacing active candidates by a wide margin, we’re firmly planted in a candidate-driven market that shows no signs of stopping.

Competing for talent in a candidate driven marketplace
Give yourself a head start to compete for top talent

As a Hiring Manager or HR Professional, you’ve likely dealt with the fallout of this new season already. Maybe it’s your job listing lingering with little to no response though you’re offering competitive compensation and benefits. Or perhaps you are getting some traction on your listings but as soon as you place one worthwhile candidate and start onboarding them, another key member of your team is moving on. Commonly these days, you might finally find that perfect candidate, but they have multiple offers and you’re suddenly in a competition with limited information.

We’re all facing the same challenges. Even the most dynamic, creative, and committed human resources people are struggling to navigate the shift into this extremely tight employment market. It’s been a long time coming, but we’re here now and the question is; how do we compete for, win over, and retain the best talent?

Must do’s to compete (and win) in a candidate-driven market

  1. Be fast. Star candidates are in demand. You can’t sit back and operate at the speed of previous years. I get it, you have a process, but you need to kick it into high-gear. The best candidates will not wait for weeks to hear from any employer, even one they like, at any step during the hiring timeline. Having a standard hiring process and making sure other decision makers are on board with keeping the process flowing are a big help.
  2. Be transparent. The more they know about your company and how they align with you and your existing team, the better. It will encourage the right candidates to buy-in and make on-boarding a more intuitive experience. Candidates are driven more these days by how they are going to make a difference in your organization than salary alone.
  3. Be polished. Candidates are paying attention to more than you might think. Keep your company image polished. You want to look like (and be) a place people want to work.
  4. Make it clear what they’re going to get when they join your team. Perks and unique opportunities are great, but showing off your company culture and values are equally important. One of the best and most natural ways to share this information without sounding too formal is social media. But don’t forget to make benefits discussions a part of the offer, especially if you don’t want to get into a bidding war over talent. You can’t expect candidates to ignore benefits until they show up for their first day of work – it’s a bigger part of their decision these days.
  5. Avoid canceling or rescheduling interviews. It sends a message that they were less important than something else you had going on. Block your calendar and stick to it religiously. This is more common than you might think and derails a lot of great starts.
  6. Make time or leverage tech that enables you to be courteous. When you get that candidate following up for status or saying “Thank You” for your time post-interview, don’t ignore it. Even if you aren’t going to hire them or you don’t have an answer yet on the next steps, shoot an email acknowledging that you received their message. You can use a template or an applicant tracking system, it doesn’t have to take a lot of time.

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What to do When Your Company Announces a Merger

Feeling blindsided by a merger announcement? You’re in good company. Getting the news that your employer is merging with another business can terrify even the most competent employee.

Should you be worried if you company announces a merger?

Instead of letting fear take over, try something a little different. A little more radical. Embrace the power of change (and be prepared for all possible scenarios)! Follow our guide to what you should do now, and we promise, the fear might not go away completely, but you will feel more in control.

Revamp Your Resume

First things first, break out your resume and look it over. When was the last time you updated it? What about your LinkedIn? Now is the time to refresh your bio, add your current work experience to your resume, and take the time to think about what you might want to do if you weren’t where you are now.

Note: This is not a time to panic and start sending your resume out. It’s just a chance to refresh it so you’re ready if you need it. Think of it as being proactive so you can avoid being reactive later.

Touch Base with Your Network

Staying in touch with your network is just good business, regardless of what your employment situation is. Your connections can act as a lifeline, but they do have to be nurtured for the best results. Now that you’ve got a little pep in your step (thanks, fear-inspired adrenaline), reach out to those people you’ve been putting off.

Don’t make it about the merger; just check in. Go out for coffee or lunch. Follow up and see how they’re doing. You can talk about the merger, but don’t bring it up first thing and don’t make it the central focus. Listen for pain points when the person talks. Is there something you can do to help them? If there is, and it’s within your capabilities, do it.

Stay Focused on the Current Workload

It’s hard, and sometimes it feels near impossible, but the last thing you want to do right now is start neglecting your work. Ever heard the saying ‘fake it til you make it’? That’s your new motto. You might not feel excited to go to work anymore. You might be full of dread some days. But you can get through it.

Keep your energy up and continue to do your job with positivity and passion. It’s only going to make you look better. People with the power to change your career trajectory might not notice how great you’re doing, but they will notice if your job starts to suffer. Look like an asset by staying the course and doing great work.

Practice Patience

Waiting for the other shoe to drop is tough, and sometimes, it never does. Instead of imagining the worst, try to imagine the best possible outcome. Maybe, thanks to this merger, your company will finally have the capacity to add more leadership positions. And perhaps you’ll have the chance to advance. Maybe you will get a new boss, one who’s even better than the last, and your old boss will get promoted. 

You just never know what’s going to happen after a merger. As scary as that can be, it’s also an opportunity for growth. Challenge yourself to remain patient, find the silver linings, and keep a positive attitude. It will pay off one way or another. 

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